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The Colorado Culture Change Community

The Colorado Culture Change Coalition’s mission of spreading culture change touches on all parts of the long-term care community.



A monumental question one will ask themselves when considering a long-term care community is, “will they take care of my loved one with dignity and respect?” CCCC provides education about the characteristics of a person-centered model so that a loved one can determine if a long-term care community operates under this philosophy.This information can help ensure that your spouse, mother, father, relative, or loved one is getting the best quality of life and quality of care.


For those in the long-term care industry, CCCC provides education and resources to improve the quality of care and quality of life for residents in long-term care. Through consulting, training, and development, CCCC helps providers implement person-centered care practices to improve resident experiences, clinical measures, and financial outcomes.


Consumers can benefit from CCCC’s abundant resources by learning about the significant impact that culture change can have in their daily lives. CCCC’s information can provide consumers with the knowledge of how to identify care providers that uphold person-centered values. By understanding what culture change is, a consumer can make an informed decision that will transform their experience, whether at their current home or their new residence.

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