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The Colorado Culture Change Community

The Colorado Culture Change Coalition seeks to transform the culture throughout the long-term care continuum by affirming the dignity and value of each individual who lives and works in these settings.
  • Individualized Care
  • Choice and Risk
  • Dignity and Respect
  • A Home Like Environment
  • Recognition for the Potential for Growth
  • Appreciation for the Uniqueness of Each Individual​

Board of Directors--Officers

Caitlin Phillips, President

DRCOG, Denver, Colorado


Hope Carwile, First Vice President


Jill Lorentz, Second Vice President

Summit Resilience Training

Tim Rogers, Treasurer


Marty Schlink, Secretary

Pueblo, CO




Melanie Roth-Lawson

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Beth Irtz

Focus Consultation


Cheryl Kruschke​

Consultant Long Term Care

Amber Carlson

Life Care Center Evergreen

Ruth Minnema

Shalom Park

Stacie Naslund

Spring Ridge Park Assisted Living

Jenny Albertson

Colorado Health Care Association

Claire Lucas

Long Term Care Consultant

Amber Franzel

Regional Ombudsman- Larimer County

CCCC has committees to further the CCCC movement.


Please consider being involved to spread the work of the CCCC.


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