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Click each photo below to download your copies of our "Smart Consumer's Guide!" 
If you were looking for the best home for your loved one, what would you be looking for?



Finding a long-term care community for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult challenge. You want a place that strives to provide a person with the autonomy they deserve to have while still offering high quality care. How can you spot a nursing home or assisted living community that is practicing "culture change" or "self-directed care?"  Is it the decor and flowers they have in the lobby? Does it have to do with the way the staff and residents interact, both among themselves and with each other? Or is it something more intangible? 

If you are rehabilitating from a recent injury or surgery, or if a loved one was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, comfort and care are top priorities. You want to work with a person or organization that values the involvement of you and your loved ones, and places the person getting care at the center of their decision making. 


​The Colorado Culture Change Coalition has created the "Smart Consumer's Guide" to provide you and your family a resource to find the right fit for your needs. This Smart Consumer's Guide offers:

  • explanations of what "culture change," "person-centered care" and "self-directed care" are

  • what questions to ask a nursing home, assisted living community, hospice, or home health provider

  • what the differences are between hospice, home care, and home health settings

  • what body language to look for from staff and residents there, and more!

By empowering consumers, we can help promote the idea that "culture change" in long term care is the next step towards creating quality of life for our elders!


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